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Pour toi Flower Bouquet Category: Gifts/Specialty/Sympathy

Product: Pour toi Flower Bouquet

Price: View !!!

Description: Pour toi flowers gift is exclusively for you, literally and truly!!! The heart of the gift is that it is lovely heart-shaped floral grandeur that sends out your message of love loud and clear, without screaming, on any day you choose. There are those lovely wild white flowers circling the roses... on a red collar base ... as though garlanding the beloved ?? and leaves to accentuate the beauty of this piece!
Pour toi bouquet includes: red heart collar as the base, 6 red roses, plenty of greens, one package of flower nutrients and nursing instructions.

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Chocolate Truffles Category: Gifts/Specialty/Baskets

Product: Chocolate Truffles

Price: View !!!

Description: This truffle box includes an assortment of BIZU chocolate truffles. Includes any of the following:
  • (1) Antoinette (pistachio cream, white chocolate ganache, white chocolate couverture, crushed pistachio);
  • (2) Arabella (milk and dark chocolate ganache, coffee, fresh milk, dark chocolate couverture, mocha bean);
  • (3) Caramella (Fleur de Sel de Camargue, caramel, dark chocolate couverture);
  • (4) Hazel (hazelnut praline, croquantine wafer, milk chocolate ganache)
  • (5) Isabeau (71% dark chocolate ganache, cocoa powder, coffee powder);
  • (6) Mimi (chocolate ganache, crushed toasted walnuts);
  • (7) Orangine (orange zest and confit, Grand Marnier, milk chocolate ganache, milk chocolate couverture);
  • (8) Raspberry Vodka (raspberry puree, white chocolate ganache, vodka liqueur);
  • (9) Roca (dark chocolate, caramel, crushed almonds);
  • (10) Rose Champagne (rose champagne, dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate couverture);
  • (11) Chestnut (chestnut cream, rhum, milk and dark chocolate couverture); and
  • (12) Tiramisu (milk and dark chocolate ganache, coffee, fresh milk, hazelnut praline).

NOTE: Truffles indicated above are subject to availability. In case of non- availability at the time of order, we will deliver a similar product of equal value and quality.

Please note: Delivery possible for Metro Manila ONLY.

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